NS MIDI Player

NS MIDI Player is a simple MIDI player for iOS and macOS.

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- Free!
- No ads, subscriptions, or data collection

- Play standard MIDI files (SMF) with file extension .mid
- GM and GS standards supported with the default SoundFont
- Load custom SoundFonts with file extension .sf2 or .dls
- Connect to MIDI outputs with Core MIDI
- Convert MIDI files to WAV audio

- "Open with" from other apps, such as Safari
- Integrated with the Files app (iOS)
- Supports drag-and-drop
- Supports Quick Look previews (macOS)
- Share MIDI files directly from the app

- Supports background audio and AirPlay
- Lock screen and Notification Center controls with scrubbing
- Gapless repeat mode
- Playback speed control
- Configurable reverb